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Obama May Have the Most Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel Administration in History


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obama-may-have-most-anti-christian-anti-israel-administration-historyCNS News:

"Nuns hopeful of stay," read the headlines. No, they weren't going to be executed. Only their consciences were to be violated. The HHS Mandate was going to force them to cover abortifacient drugs that can end the lives of unborn children. Now, and only temporarily, the Supreme Court has stayed the execution of the HHS Mandate under ObamaCare.


Never in America's long history has such a headline even been imaginable. The gravest threat to religious freedom has been part of what President Obama meant when he said he would "fundamentally transform this country." Nuns have faced anti-Catholicism, Bible riots, and various forms of Klan-instigated bigotry, but never has the federal government itself threatened to snuff out the lamp of freedom. Evangelicals and Lutherans, too, face a hostile administration.


That's in part why the Hobby Lobby and the Conestoga Wood Company have appealed to the Supreme Court to exempt them from the HHS Mandate that violates their deepest religious convictions.Scissors-32x32.png


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