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Interview: Hugh Hewitt on The Happiest Life


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MR. DRISCOLL: Which leads to another question. You’re on the air three hours a day talking politics. You have to prep for your show. Politics plays a role in your fight as a lawyer against California’s crazy environmental laws. I realize we could spend the whole interview discussing this, but what’s the short form answer to understanding how someone can immerse himself in politics all day, particularly given the current state of the country and the GOP, and not let it get you down?


MR. HEWITT: I had the great good fortune of leaving college in 1978, in the middle of the Carter years, which were grim. Cubans were all over Africa. The Soviets had invaded Afghanistan. Iran was about to topple. Inflation was high. Interest rates were ridiculous. The country really didn’t know that it would ever recover.


And I was in San Clemente working for the late Richard Nixon as a ghost writer, when Ronald Reagan began his return to politics after losing the ’76 nomination, telling everyone it could be different, and doing so with a great joke and a step in his stride. And it was my great honor to work for him in the White House and to serve in the administration for six years.


And ever since then, I have always believed, no matter how bleak it is at a particular moment for America, the Clinton impeachment, the roll-out of Obamacare, the disaster that is ‑‑ what is unfolding right now in Syria, western Iraq and Iran, that we can always come back from that, because we’re blessed with that amazing document, the Constitution, that allows our people to figure it out and redo errors.





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