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A few months ago at a Senate hearing about climate change featuring Roy Spencer, a former NASA scientist who departs from climate orthodoxy, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (a double winner of Power Line’s Green Weenie Award) thought he could discredit Spencer not by arguing science, but by essentially asking Spencer “Are you now or have you ever been a believing Christian?” (Spencer has expressed doubt that Darwinian evolution can explain the origin of life and consciousness, a view that causes you to be cast to the outer darkness among the intelligentsia these days: just ask the eminent philosopher Thomas Nagel, who holds a similar view but who is otherwise an atheist.)


I wonder if Whitehouse would ever ask a conventional climateer a similar question about their theological views. At the 2010 UN climate summit in Cancun (for some reason the climateers never meet in Dayton), the executive secretary of the UN climate bureau, Christiana Figueres, opened the meeting with a prayer . . . to the ancient Mayan goddess Ixchel:

“The goddess of reason, creativity and weaving. May she inspire you—because today, you are gathered in Cancun to weave together the elements of a solid response to climate change, using both reason and creativity as your tools.”

We know the climateers have no sense humor, but they apparently lack any sense of irony, too. Mayans? Mayans?? The civilization that collapsed in large part due to ecological mismanagement and hubris? That’s your inspiration?Scissors-32x32.png

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Is Obama a Liar? EPA Administrator Can’t Say

John Hinderaker


Today EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on climate regulation. The EPA is imposing countless billions of dollars in costs on American industry in reliance on computer models that claim global warming is a serious threat. Problem is, everyone who pays attention knows that the models have been proven wrong.






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