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RNC ditching role of ad maker, funder


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2542212Washington Examiner:

The Republican National Committee is largely getting out of the advertising business and instead will defer to super PACs and campaign committees to have a greater role during this year's midterm election, senior GOP officials said Tuesday.


The RNC's priority this year will be on rebuilding its voting databases and it will use 2014 as a test run with the aim of fixing glitches before 2016's presidential contest. They are essentially starting from scratch after the previous databases proved unreliable, outdated and outpaced by Democrats.


During past years, the central party has often used television ads to boost the GOP brand and its candidates, especially its presidential contenders. The RNC would send millions of dollars to allies at the National Republican Senatorial Campaign and the National Republican Congressional Committee.


Not this year, party officials said. One noted the outside groups are going to run a lot of television ads.Scissors-32x32.png

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