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The day Cruz took Teller


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60448Canada Free Press:

The firing of Teller by Scalise confirmed the GOP's war on conservatives, Cruz's hiring of Teller confirms the war ain't over.


The day Cruz took Teller


By Neil W. McCabe (Bio and Archives) Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In Washington Monday, Sen. R. Edward “Ted” Cruz (R.-Texas) poked his finger in the eye of the Republican House leaders, when he hired Paul S. Teller as his deputy chief of staff.


Teller, who has a doctorate in political science from American University, has worked on the House side of the Capitol since 1993, most recently as the executive director of the Republican Study Committee.


The RSC’s chairman, Rep. Stephen J. Scalise (R.-La.) fired Teller Dec.11 after he discovered that his executive director was leaking details of the two-year budget compromise to conservative activists.


When Scalise took over the committee in January 2013 with the new Congress, he was rumored to be Scissors-32x32.png

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