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DOE Plugs Energy Rating for Homes, Similar to MPG Rating for Cars


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doe-plugs-energy-rating-homes-similar-mpg-rating-carsCNS News:

CNSNews.com) - The Energy Department on Tuesday is rolling out new, improved software to help Americans measure the energy efficiency of their homes.


DOE says its energy-scoring software -- called the Home Energy Scoring Tool -- is like a vehicle's mile-per-gallon rating because it allows homeowners to compare the energy performance of their homes to other homes nationwide. It also provides homeowners with suggestions for improving their homes' efficiency.


The software is part of the government's effort to reduce the nation's energy consumption; but it's also billed as a way to keep home-retrofitting going, at a time when stimulus funds for weather-proofing have run out.


The Home Energy Scoring Tool "can be a powerful motivator in getting homeowners to make energy efficiency improvements," DOE says. "It's also a great way to help trained workers enter the private sector energy improvement market as funding for weatherization efforts decline."Scissors-32x32.png

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Home Energy Audits


The Department of Energy is flogging use of software that measures home energy use. Here's how it works:

A trained, "qualified assessor" comes to your home -- for a fee -- and collects approximately 40 pieces of data about the home's "envelope" (e.g., walls, windows, heating and cooling systems) during an hour-long walk-through.

I wonder if a "qualified assessor" is as qualified and vetted as an ObamaCare exchange navigator? Sure, sign me up for a troll to spend an hour poking through my house.Scissors-32x32.png


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Don't be surprised if you will soon be required to do one of these to sell your house.

My first thought also. Many many possibilities with this. Surtax for using over your allotted amount comes to mind.

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