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No Country for Liberal Republicans


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no-country-for-liberal-republicansFront Page Magazine:

To the left there is no such thing as a good Republican. Not unless he is a dead Republican.


Dead Republicans are held up as examples of moderation who wouldn’t fit in today’s extremist party. Goldwater, Nixon and Reagan, once damned as deranged extremists lusting to blow up the planet, are temporarily rehabilitated and compared unfavorably to today’s Republicans and favorably to today’s Democrats.



From such exercises in posthumous political rehabilitation, we learn that Reagan was more like Obama and that whichever Republican has drawn the ire of the media this month is the rebirth of segregationist Democrats like Albert Gore Sr and Robert Byrd.


The good Republican who has the bad taste to stay alive will only enjoy a temporary vacation in the good graces of the media. It does not matter how often he pays fealty to global warming, gun control, gay marriage and amnesty for illegal aliens, or his willingness to appear on morning shows to bemoan the extremism of the Tea Party; the time will come when he will be dragged out of the Saturday Night Live studio and the CNN green room, hung from a tree and beaten with a stick for the enlightenment of the people.


There is no help for it.Scissors-32x32.png

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A senior Hillary adviser had orchestrated a Gore primary win by sending the environmental activist’s motorcade to tie up traffic to prevent Bradley voters from reaching the polls. But that was New Hampshire traffic which is in a whole different moral universe than New Jersey traffic.


There are two wholly different sets of rules for the left and right sides of the political interstate.



Bridgegate happened on the home ground of the MSM...so therefore it is a huge major vitally important story.

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