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Lawyer says FBI has contacted few Tea Party groups, 8 months into IRS scandal


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lawyer-irs-fbi-contacted-fewFox News:

WASHINGTON – A lawyer representing dozens of Tea Party groups said Friday that only a few of his clients have been approached by federal investigators over the IRS targeting scandal, in the latest complaint about the slow pace of the probe eight months after the original admission.


Concerns continue to mount that the government is slow-walking its investigation into unfair practices by the IRS. The latest complaint comes a day after lawmakers revealed that the individual leading the Justice Department probe is a political supporter of President Obama.


Jordan Sekulow, a lawyer representing 41 organizations in 22 states in a federal lawsuit, told FoxNews.com that very few of his clients have been approached by FBI investigators to date.


“We’re talking single digits right now,” Sekulow told FoxNews.com. He said they were only approached recently.


Sekulow echoes the frustrations of those who say the government is biding its time following allegations last spring that the IRS had targeted conservative groups applying for non-exempt tax status.


“The DOJ has done very little to move this investigation forward,” Sekulow said. “It has even stonewalled Congress, recently rescinding an offer to provide Congress an in-person briefing about the investigation’s progress.”



Laying low.

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