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Warmongers R Us?


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An international poll on world peace produces some upside-down results.

Dennis Prager



Last week the International Business Times reported:



In their annual End of Year poll, researchers for WIN and Gallup International surveyed more than 66,000 people across 65 nations and found that 24 percent of all respondents answered that the United States is the greatest threat to peace in the world today. Pakistan and China fell significantly behind the United States on the poll, with 8 and 6 percent, respectively. Afghanistan, Iran, Israel and North Korea all tied for fourth place with 4 percent.

For those of us who believe the opposite namely, that the United States is the worlds greatest force for peace (and liberty) an explanation of this poll is called for.


Here is my explanation:










2nd Reporter: And you feel this might be an American trait?


Theodore Roosevelt: Certainly. The world will never love us. They respect us - they might even grow to fear us. But they will never love us, for we have too much audacity! And, we're a bit blind and reckless at times too.

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