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‘The New School’ Review


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the-new-school-reviewWashington Free Beacon:

Glenn Harlan Reynolds on the next education revolution

Maria Santos

January 4, 2014


American education as we know it may be headed for its last hurrah.


From pre-school to grad school, the system is flailing. Test results have plateaued or fallen. Schools hire more administrators than teachers. College students are shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for degrees, and piling up loans, only to end up * begging for minimum wage jobs.


In The New School, Glenn Harlan Reynolds provides a concise history of how we got here, and offers a preview of what might be next. In K-12 schooling, Reynolds argues that weve stagnated by holding to a nineteenth-century model of education that no longer suits our needs. Meanwhile, higher education has become a bubble about to pop.




The New School: How the Information Age Will Save American Education from Itself



* Behind Paywall

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