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McCain, Graham blame Obama for Al Qaeda-related takeover of Fallujah, call situation 'predictable'


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mccain-graham-blame-obama-for-al-qaeda-related-takeover-fallujah-call-situationFox News:

Top Republican senators on Saturday blamed the Obama administration for Al Qaeda-affiliates purportedly over-running parts of Iraq, including the city of Fallujah that the United States secured before President Obama removed all U.S. forces from that country in 2011.


Sen. John McCain, Arizona, and Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, called the recent turn of events “as tragic as they were predictable” and suggested Obama misled Americans into believing that Iraqi leaders wanted U.S. forces out of their country.


“While many Iraqis are responsible for this strategic disaster, the administration cannot escape its share of the blame,” the senators said in a joint statement. “When President Obama withdrew all U.S. forces … over the objections of our military leaders and commanders on the ground, many of us predicted that the vacuum would be filled by America's enemies and would emerge as a threat to U.S. national security interests. Sadly, that reality is now clearer than ever.”


The Al Qaeda-affiliated fighters took over Fallujah on Friday after a bloody three-day battle, raising their flag over government buildings as a sign of victory, according to The Washington Post.


At least eight people were killed and dozens injured Friday night as the Iraqi army tries to regain control of the city. The army, which lobbed mortar bombs in its response, has been joined in the fray by tribesmen from Ramadi, a Sunni stronghold.


The administration on Saturday called the attacks barbaric and said it is working with the Iraqi government and the tribal leaders.


“We are … concerned by efforts of the terrorist Al Qaeda/Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant to assert its authority in Syria as well as Iraq,” said State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf. “Their barbarism against civilians of Ramadi and Fallujah and against Iraqi Security Forces is on display for all to see.”



So, what are you going to do about it, Mr. President?

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Quotes of the day


8:31 pm on January 4, 2014


Black-clad Sunni militants of Al Qaeda destroyed the Falluja Police Headquarters and mayors office, planted their flag atop other government buildings and decreed the western Iraqi city to be their new independent state on Friday in an escalating threat to Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, whose forces were struggling to retake control late into the night


The groups fighters cut power lines in Falluja late in the day and ordered residents not to use their backup generators. In one area of Falluja, a militant said over a mosque loudspeaker: We are Gods rule on Earth! No one can defeat Gods will!


We declare Falluja as an Islamic state, and we call on you to be on our side! one fighter shouted to the crowd, according to witness accounts.


Referring to Mr. Malikis government and its Shiite ally Iran, the fighter shouted, We are here to defend you from the army of Maliki and the Iranian Safavids! The Safavid dynasty ruled present-day Iran and Iraq hundreds of years ago.






One more Legacy for His Obamaness!


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