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Federal Courts Don't Need More Funding; They Need Fewer Cases


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federal-courts-dont-need-more-taxpayer-dollars-they-need-fewer-cases.htmlFriends of Ours:


The federal government with its constant call for more taxpayer dollars is like that monster plant in Little Shop of Horrors which incessantly whines "feed me" to its exacerbated caretaker, and even the judicial branch is now sounding like the ever-hungry beast.


Chief Justice John Roberts from the Supreme Court warns of a bleak future where there will "be greater delays in resolving civil and criminal cases" if the federal courts don't get an extra $400 million to fund its operations as reported by The Associated Press:


In the civil and bankruptcy venues, further consequences would include commercial uncertainty, lost opportunities and unvindicated rights. In the criminal venues, those consequences pose a genuine threat to public safety.

Of course, it's not necessarily more Congressional funding the federal courts need but fewer cases.


Accordingly, in passing legislation the politicians should consider what impact more laws will have on the overburdened courts, and honestly ask themselves whether we really need more stinking laws in controlling human affairs......(Snip)

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