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Video: Bill de Blasio Threatens to Strip During Storm Briefing


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Mayor Bill de Blasio sure knows how to make reporters pay attention to his winter snowstorm briefings.


At the very end of a detailed press update this morning at a sanitation garage in Queens, the newly-minted mayor was asked how many layers he was wearing by CBS radio reporter Rich Lamb.


Dressed in a mayor’s office wind breaker, button-down shirt and dad jeans, Mr. de Blasio jokingly pretended to strip, dramatically unzipping his jacket to show off his shirt.


“Do you want me to go farther, Rich?” he offered suggestively with a smile. “I have an undershirt also.”

The move from Mr. de Blasio–whose corny sense of humor has become a source of amusement for the press–drew hearty laughs from the crowd, including a crew of sanitation workers and two dozen-or-so reporters, who looked at each other in disbelief.


Mr. de Blasio proceeded to zip back up his jacked, but–according to video of the event captured by NowThis News–unzipped it again to offer photographers another chance to grab the shot as he struck a pose, laughing.



My eyes, my eyes!

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