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'Do-Nothing' Congress Has Been Good For America


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122313-683995-stock-market-boom-is-built-on-halt-to-governments-meddling.htmInvestors Business Daily:

Legislation: As the year draws to an end, the 113th Congress is being slammed by pundits and mainstream media for its near-record inactivity. Nonsense. It should be saluted.


We'd say this so-called "do-nothing" Congress passing just 70 laws, the least ever, sounds bad but really isn't. In fact, it may be the best news we've heard all year.


Fact is, whenever Congress is urged by media mavens and meddling know-it-alls to "do something," it almost inevitably ends up making things worse.


ObamaCare is a prime example of "doing something" about a problem Congress itself created, and getting it wrong — with catastrophic consequences.


As Caitlin Huey-Burns wrote this week at RealClearPolitics, President Obama and congressional Democrats began the year with plans for an array of Big Government initiatives — gun control, immigration reform, the minimum wage, job creation, infrastructure spending, climate change and education, to name a few.


"But Congress ended the year without any of those initiatives signed into law," Huey-Burns noted. And we're the better for it. The probability of a major tax hike or spending increase in the next year has fallen. Bravo!Scissors-32x32.png

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