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Marin: Christmas on old Death Row


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Marin: Christmas on old Death Row


By CAROL MARIN December 20, 2013 3:42PM

Every December I put up my Death Row Christmas village.

I know that sounds crazy.


Horrifying even.


But to me it’s a reminder that in the darkest places you can find a little light.


The village is a collection of 17 elaborate miniature houses and steepled churches.


Each tiny building is stitched together with craft store plastic webbing and white yarn.


Since prisons don’t allow inmates to have needles, the wire from a garbage bag tie pulls the yarn through the holes in the sheets of plastic.


And since inmates are not allowed to have scissors, the yarn and webbing are laboriously cut with a nail clipper.


My Death Row Christmas village arrived in late 1995. Return address: Dwight Women’s Prison.


It was sent by Guin Garcia, who was awaiting execution. A convicted double murderer, she had decided to drop all further appeals, saying she would no longer keep “begging for my life.”Scissors-32x32.png



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