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'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson suspended by A&E


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December 23, 2013

Saturday Night Live & Guest Host Jimmy Fallon Do Three Minutes of the Most Retrograde Gay Stereotypes Imaginable, And No One's Calling for Anyone to be Fired —Ace

Now, I don't think anyone should be fired. I think that there should be some level of free space in free speech. I think low-level transgressions should not be punished, except with criticism and argument.


Nevertheless, given the contretemps about Phil Robertson, and the firing of Justice Sacco for a misinterpreted joke, it's instructive to note what you're permitted to do if the Enforcers of Political Correctness decided you have the status of being permitted free speech, because you're On Their Team.


And this is what you can get away with if you are deemed to have that status.


The entire sketch is bad. Let me repeat: I do not think anyone should be fired for not being funny. A failed joke is not a crime. Scissors-32x32.png


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Mark me down as.....unashamed bigot. I am willing to grant acceptance, but not approval. They will not stand for anyone's mere acceptance....hence, I embrace my bigotry.


Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson - Behind the Outrage http://goldengeesenews.blogspot.com/2013/12/duck-dynasty-phil-robertson-behind.html


Do I really need to say anything about Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty? You all already know how I feel. To be honest with you, I never have even watched a full show. I tried once, but it just didn’t click with me, although, now, I’m thinking about giving it another chance.

I have two questions - 1) What is with this outpouring of support for homosexuals? 2) Why is it more important to support homosexuals than to support a man’s right to voice his opinions?

Let’s see if we can figure this out, and we will start by asking another question. Is homosexuality natural? Well it either is or it isn’t, but since it exists, it doesn’t really matter. The more important question is: Is the reaction most people have toward it, natural?


So if what I said above is true (and I assure you it is), how did we get to the point of this whole Phil Robertson/“Duck Dynasty” thing? The thing you need to understand is that this is the world of television, it’s not the real world. The real world is blue collar factory guys, construction workers, and white collar workers (when they think their free from the spying eyes and ears of corporate culture). They’re all calling everybody fairies, homos, and fags, all the time. Stage two never ends in the real world. No one planned the real world, it just happened, what could be more natural than that?

It has been proven time and time again, from the smallest hippie communes, to leviathan nations, like the Soviet Union, that leftist ideology does not work in the real world, so liberals have created their own worlds, that are not dictated by the things that control the real world, things that they find so distasteful - supply and demand, cause and effect, etc. There are two problems with this however. First of all, they cannot produce wealth by themselves. They are totally dependent upon money from the outside, real world, as the people running the A&E network are about to find out. Secondly, since these people do not live in the real world, they often end up looking like fools to those of us who do. Now, they can say they don’t care about that, but because they are totally dependent upon the real world for their own existence, it cannot be ignored.

Now how could so many people be upset with Phil Robertson, or with anyone else that has been the focus of a similar situation ? Something just strikes me as weird here. I could maybe understand how people who are actually gay could be upset with him, but there are just not enough gay people out there to warrant such an uproar. How many gay people are out there anyway?


We all know where the people from TV land are coming from, now what about the liberals in the general public? What’s their motivation? Given the choice to support either, why would they choose to support homosexuality over Christianity, when often they would claim to be neither? To understand this, all you have to do is recall your days in school. Almost all students would rather be graded on a curve than on an absolute scale, particularly if they consider themselves average, and know there are plenty of below average students in the class. In that case, grading on a curve, can mean the difference between a “B” and a “D”.

Liberalism is grading on a curve. Christianity is grading on an absolute scale, and liberals don’t like that because it means if you’re doing something wrong, it’s wrong, regardless of the fact that there may be people doing things that are worse than whatever it is that you are doing.



Camille Paglia says essentially the same thing.....as a gay.


Via TheFeralIrishman

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National Review Editor: Mark Steyn Is A Big Meany


Standing Athwart History, Yelling Okay Go Right Ahead (We Don't Want to Offend Anyone)


By: streiff (Diary) | December 22nd, 2013 at 04:54 PM


At one time National Review was a proudly conservative publication. No more.


Mark Steyn made the mistake of taking the side of Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson, in the fascist assault carried out on him by the lobbying group for deviant sexual practices, GLAAD. This got the knickers of his editor, someone named Jason Lee Steorts, in a twist.


I don’t know Steorts… and don’t much wish to… but he comes across as one of those “reasonable” conservatives, part of the Stepin Fetchit wing of the conservative movement. The cute little house pet conservatives that hang onto the fringes of liberal society craving approval. (In viewing his work I couldn’t help but notice that he had pronounced judgment on George Zimmerman long before his trial… Zimmerman was not in danger despite having his head bashed against the sidewalk:Scissors-32x32.png


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A Christian Nation

By: Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher (Diary) | December 24th, 2013 at 11:39 AM


Are we really a Christian nation?


If so, what’s the big deal? Homosexuality is a sin. Period.


Love the sinner hate the sin. I know people that have lied, cheated, had affairs on their spouses, dis-respected their parents. Taken the name of GOD in vain. I am one of those people. I sin, but I ask for forgivness.


All Phil Robertson did is point out the obvious.


I’m sorry, but no matter how much you whine, cry and say I am a homophobe, it’s just not true. You are a sinner. That’s not to say I don’t like you, it’s not to say I’m better than you. I’m just saying I won’t sit back and let you tell me what you are doing is right anymore than I would let someone steal, lie or cheat and tell me it’s not wrong Scissors-32x32.png


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