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EXECUTION WATCH: Michael John Yowell (TX)


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Posted by Robbie Cooper on 10/9/2013 Add comments

Oct 09

UPDATE: He’s dead, Jim.

From the report: “He took several deep breaths, then began snoring. Within about 30 seconds, all movement stopped.”

“The prisoners argued use of the sedative could cause unconstitutional pain and suffering because the drug, replacing a similar inventory that expired at the end of September…”

Several deep breaths, then began snoring? And then gone in 30 seconds? May well be as lucky to pass away so peacefully and painlessly. So much for his concerns, eh?

Yowell’s lawyers said the execution was a disappointment…because he was hoping for writhing, screaming, and blood streaming from his client’s eyeballs?

  • Thug: Michael J. Yowell (28 at time of offense)
  • Date of Execution: October 09, 2013
  • Date of Crime: May 9, 1998
  • Victim(s): Johnny and Carol Yowell (his parrents) and his grandmother, Viola Davis
  • Last Meal: a nice s^#@ sandwich
  • Final Words: “Push the button. We are ready.” Scissors-32x32.pnglightningbolt.gif


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