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History of the shadowy Special Boat Service (SBS) revealed in new book


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They were the shadowy group of Allied commandos who were controversially described as a band of murderous, renegade cut-throats by a British MP during World War II. But as a new book lifts the lid on the early years of the Special Boat Squadron (SBS), Kathryn Williams hears some of the heroic tales of derring-do and guerrilla fighting that helped strike a vital blow against the Nazi war machine

Kathryn Williams

15 Sep 2013


The initials SAS may have become a byword for daring military exploits the world over but the unsung actions of the less well-known SBS may be about to reach a wider audience thanks to a new book.


Formed during the dark days of World War II, the Special Boat Squadron was made up of a hardcore group of commandos. But, unlike their SAS counterparts, their actions focused on amphibious operations.


Now author Gavin Mortimer has helped lift the lid on the groups creation in 1943 and the terror they inflicted on the Nazis.




Is it true, Mr Prime Minister, enquired Wingfield-Digby, That there is a body of men out in the Aegean Island, fighting under the Union flag, that are nothing short of being a band of murderous, renegade cut-throats?


To which Churchill replied: If you do not take your seat and keep quiet I will send you out to join them!





The SBS in World War II: An Illustrated History

by Gavin Mortimer



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