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'Duck Dynasty' Nightmare For Media Elite


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WASHINGTON -- America, if you want to know what the establishment media and the beneficent federal government think of you, tune your television sets in to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

You would be forgiven if you have never watched this program, and I certainly would not recommend it. I viewed about one half of one episode in preparation for this column.

You will find the program on The "Learning" Channel, which is funny because you actually can feel yourself getting dumber as the episode goes on. Brain cells are literally committing suicide to end the misery. And then about halfway through, you yourself want to end it all. Or, at least, take a hot, soapy shower.

It is, literally, worse than chiggers.

Honey Boo Boo is the main character. She is a little girl who never shuts up and is endlessly exploited by her family in beauty pageants. She is always saying things that her obese mother, grossly overweight sisters, and toothless father apparently find amusing.

These parents, of course, did not marry until well after spawning this nest of fat little rednecks. They live hard up against the train tracks in a small town in Georgia.Scissors-32x32.png

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"This caricature, of course, is a wildly distorted -- not to mention degrading and racist -- view of Americans, especially in the South. Honey Boo Boo and her fat clan is what liberal northeast and west coast elites think of most Americans -- especially Southerners and rural people. That is because in their vast and cloistered ignorance they have never met any normal Americans nor traveled past the Potomac River. They have never been to a rodeo."


There were/are(?) tv shows where our hero drives into a small town, only to discover it is a nest of corruption and name youe favorite phobia. At the heart we'd find either/or/and the sheriff, the mayor, and (it goes with out saying) the local pastor. This also is the view of our cultural elites.



I wonder if people watch these shows in order to think, Well at least we're not That bad.



There are two different nations living side by side here.

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Hmmm.... I don't know. I think I'll keep my Netflix subscription.


Aug 23, 2013


Double Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey has challenged TV channels to give "control" to their audiences or risk losing them at his address at the James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival.



You can find the whole speech on You Tube, and it's very interesting.

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