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Pretty But Deadly (Darlene Gentry)


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Darlene Gentry


Darlene Gentry (née Doskocil) was the perfect Texas beauty -- blonde with a button nose and big blue eyes. It seemed that the former homecoming queen had found the perfect husband in the charming and dark-haired Keith Gentry. Together they went out dancing and drinking and enjoyed the blissful life of good-looking newlyweds.

Soon enough, humdrum home life began to replace youthful excitement. Keith had a job at a local electrical company that sent him out of town for four days a week. Darlene finished her nursing degree and found a job as a nurse. The couple had three boys and lived next door to Keith's parents in the small town of Robinson, just outside of Waco. Their relationship became strained, and financial troubles only made it worse. Keith promised Darlene he'd never leave her and the kids Scissors-32x32.pnghttp://www.trutv.com/library/crime/photogallery/pretty-but-deadly.html

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