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First Gang Bust Under Illinois Racketeering Law


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first-gang-bust-under-illinois-racketeering-law.htmlFriends Of Ours:




The Black Souls is the first street gang to get busted under the new racketeering law passed last year by Illinois state legislators as reported by the Chicago Tribune:


The 78-page affidavit alleges the Black Souls ran an $11 million-a-year drug operation and protected the enterprise with violence that included at least seven murders from 1994 to 2012. In all, 23 members of the gang have been charged with racketeering conspiracy, while 18 more face state drug or weapons charges, authorities said.




For decades Illinois lawmakers refused to enact a racketeering law over concerns that such legislation could ensnare dirty politicians and other public officials, and they signed onto the measure only after assurances that it would just target street gangs. After all, the political Mafia must be protected at all costs!


(Vid At Link)

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