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Obama’s Secret to Corruption: Never Appoint a Special Counsel


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55307Canada Free Press:

Senate should put an immediate hold on nominations until Obama agrees to appoint special counsels to investigate Fast and Furious and the IRS


Obama’s Secret to Corruption: Never Appoint a Special Counsel



By Fred Dardick (Bio and Archives) Sunday, May 19, 2013

Do you ever wonder how Obama gets away with the most outrageous acts ever perpetrated by a sitting president with barely a nick to his reputation? Did you scratch your head when not a single Justice Department or ATF official went to jail for sending hundreds of guns over the border to Mexican drug lords with the expressed purpose of fomenting violent crime? Do you really think high ranking government officials are going to be held accountable for the now blazing IRS and Benghazi scandals?


If these and other questions like them have been bothering you for the past few years, I have a simple answer that explains how Obama and his liberal associates in government have gotten away with all the above and more: Attorney General Eric Holder will never, ever appoint a special counsel to investigate any crime even remotely connected to this administration.


It really is that simple. In fact, Holder practically admitted as much when he was questioned by Breitbart reporters as to whether he was going to appoint a special counsel to scrutinize Benghazi. His one word answer: “No”. Scissors-32x32.png

Fat chance in hell the Senate would hold anything up!

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