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Donna Brazile, George W. Bush, and the truth about Hurricane Katrina


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donna-brazile-george-w-bush-and-truth-about-hurricWashington Times:


LOS ANGELES, April 26, 2013 — One day after a beautiful ceremony commemorating the George W. Bush presidential library, a bombshell was dropped by one of his former fiercest political opponents.


Donna Brazile wrote a column praising President Bush for his handling of Hurricane Katrina. The 2005 hurricane devastated New Orleans. It also ruined Bush’s second term by obliterating the rationale for his original candidacy: competence.


The Bush team told the world that the adults were back in charge, and the narrative out of Katrina was that Bush had failed to lead. The worst accusation came from rapper Kanye West, who claimed that Bush left people to die in New Orleans because he did not care about black people.


The man who promised to “restore honor and dignity to the White House” was now a bumbling, racist, Southern dumb hick, the very caricature his leftist critics always wanted him to be.


The problem is this was never true.


Donna Brazile is no ordinary woman. She is a partisan Democrat and proud of it. As Al Gore’s 2000 campaign manager, over a period of two years, her life was dedicated to keeping Bush out of the White House.

She currently is a commentator on CNN, a network every bit as liberal as MSNBC without admitting it. Brazile also happens to be a black woman who grew up in the South. New Orleans was not just a symbol. It was her home.

So her words about how Bush really handled Hurricane Katrina should be read over and over until those images are seared into every human mind.

“Every member of my family was displaced by Katrina. Last year, I lost both my father and sister. But I had them with me that much longer because they were rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


“Bush understood the need for civility. I joined him despite my frustration because the need was too great for finger-pointing and blame-making. He flew to New Orleans and addressed the nation.


“George W. Bush was good as his word. He visited the Gulf states 17 times; went 13 times to New Orleans. Laura Bush made 24 trips. Bush saw that $126 billion in aid was sent to the Gulf’s residents, as some members of his own party in Congress balked.”

“Bush put a special emphasis on rebuilding schools and universities. He didn’t forget African-Americans: Bush provided $400 million to the historically black colleges, now integrated, that remain a pride, and magnet for African-American students. Laura Bush, a librarian, saw to it that thousands of books ruined by the floods were replaced.”


“Our recovery can be credited to the civility and tireless efforts of President Bush and other Americans…”


Once again, a myth concocted by liberals to destroy Bush personally and drag down his presidency has been proven false. He did and does care about people. People of all races. The dignity of every human being a a creature of God matters to him. He did get the job done during Katrina.



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I wonder if CNN let her talk about this on air?


The truth was always out there. The MSM just didn't want it to get out.


Have we heard much about the success of Sandy recovery?

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Hell has started freezing over.


Edited to say that while we are on the subject of W - Nancy Pelosi is one of the few human beings that I honestly detest - dont hate just gut sickening detest. She says in a press conference that the IRS scandal is all Bush's fault because of appointments he made!

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