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New Farm Bill Is Just More Welfare For Rich Farmers


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051413-656062-trillion-dollar-farm-bill-distorts-food-market.htmInvestors Business Daily:

Welfare Farming: As noisy scandals whirl about the Obama administration, Congress is quietly putting finishing touches on a $1 trillion farm bill that's yet another major expansion of big government in the U.S. economy.

Given the magnitude of President Obama's spending, maybe $1 trillion over 10 years doesn't seem like much. But it is. And it's how the money is spent that really matters.

As much as ever today, our farm policies remain tied to the Depression-era past. Farm incomes have never been higher, and yet we continue to subsidize major, successful farms to the tune of $20 billion-plus a year.

Milk, sugar, grain, corn, rice, cotton — all come in for subsidies. Taxpayers may think it's a pittance, but remember: The goal of the subsidies is to raise prices of the things you buy. So expect higher prices in your neighborhood supermarket, thanks to this bill.Scissors-32x32.png

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