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Liberal Rednecks: A Salute


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55136Canada Free Press:

Mindless, Progressive Automatons Have Filled America With Righteous Indignation


Liberal Rednecks: A Salute


By Kelly OConnell (Bio and Archives) Monday, May 13, 2013


The term Liberal Redneck will strike progressives as an absurd contradiction. Yet, Conservatives will have an immediate, wearying familiarity with the angry, judgmental, uninformed and doctrinaire viewpoint of this group. In fact, the Liberal Redneck is every bit as small-minded, bigoted, dismissive, self-righteous, judgmental, uneducated and intolerant as the worst fundamentalist.


The problem in America today is that there is never a level playing field offered for the discussion of ideas. Therefore, most important topics are only mentioned in a predetermined format. In other words, one can mention, for example—gay marriage, but only with the proviso that the topic for debate and conclusion—is closed. But the Liberal Redneck is a special kind of smug, progressive partisan, who—while refusing to admit any bias, is more angry, close-minded, accusatory and bombastic than an ayatollah at a radical feminist convention. You undoubtedly know the type. Scissors-32x32.png

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