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Is Kleiner Perkins Sorry It Ever Met Al Gore?


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is-kleiner-perkins-sorry-it-evAmerican Spectator:

The story in the New York Times says Kleiner Perkins has been “humbled” by the past decade’s performance. That seems appropriate. The nation’s most famous venture capital firm had a stunning 35.7 percent annual rate of return in the decade of the 1990s. That was before they met Al Gore.

Somewhere around the time Gore had won his Academy Award for warning the world about global warming, the former Vice President was hired on as a senior partner at KPCB. Fortune wrote an article describing Gore sitting in the board room firing off ideas after calling Senator Barbara Boxer “on the way over” to get government on board.

Clean Energy! It was the Next Big Thing! Silicon Valley would do for the nation’s energy generation what it had done for computers — discover technological secrets that would change the whole game. And make money at it, too! After all, solar cells were made out of the same thing as computer chips, right? Silicon! If Silicon Valley could do for solar what it had done for the microchip — well, think of it!Scissors-32x32.png

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