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Kermit Gosnell and the abortion movement: In defense of the defenseless


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kermit-gosnell-and-the-abortion-movement-in-defense-of-the-defenselessWashington Post:

Jordan Sekulow, Matthew Clark

May 9, 2013


As abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial is in the hands of the jury, abortion’s defenders are out in full force to spin and deflect the attention this trial has garnered from abortion in a broader sense.


Recently we wrote an On Faith column explaining how the horror of the Gosnell trial exposed the truth about abortion and the illogic of those who believe that what Gosnell is accused of doing to those infants after they were born would be perfectly acceptable if they were still in the womb.


The backlash from the pro-abortion side was swift. Numerous abortion supporters commented that Gosnell’s trial was about mere “medical malpractice,” not abortion or murder.




To call his actions mere “malpractice” is an insult to the newborns he is accused of slaughtering and a brazen assertion that abortion itself is the real victim. We believe that abortion rights activists are reeling because abortion has been exposed for what it is: the taking of innocent human life.






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