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RI Bishop on Gay Marriage: We’ve Entered ‘Post-Christian Era’


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ri-bishop-gay-marriage-we-ve-entered-post-christian-eraCNS News:

(CNSNews.com) – Bishop Thomas Tobin, head of the Catholic diocese of Providence, said the “gay marriage” bill signed into law in Rhode Island by its governor, Lincoln Chafee, constituted a “new challenge of the post-Christian era into which, clearly, we have now entered.”

Chafee, a liberal Independent who used to belong to the Republican Party, signed the bill making “gay marriage” legal in the Ocean State on Thursday, May. 2. That same day, Bishop Tobin, who represents 680,000 Catholics in 143 parishes, issued a pastoral letter to Catholics on the approval of “same-sex marriage.”

“In particular, I wish to invite members of the Catholic Church in Rhode Island to a moment of prayer and reflection as we respond to this new challenge of the post-Christian era into which, clearly, we have now entered,” said Bp. Tobin.Scissors-32x32.png

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Christ calls us the take up our cross and follow him. Up until very recently being a Christian carried no price here, we may be approaching the end of that. Walking the walk may actually cost us.


Meanwhile here in Mn.


MN legislature schedules same-sex marriage vote for Thursday

Ed Morrissey



In November, a referendum to add the current statutory definition of marriage to the Minnesota state constitution narrowly lost, 47/53, in a presidential election featuring a large turnout for Barack Obama. The Democrats took control of the state legislature, and as expected, have worked to change the statutory definition — just as the marriage-amendment backers predicted if the referendum failed. The state House has scheduled a vote for Thursday, and the state Senate is preparing their own vote:



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