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Americans to the Obamas on exercising more: 'You take the hike!'


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050613-654907-gallup-poll-finds-americans-exercising-less-despite-michelle-obama-plans.htmInvestors Business Daily:

For a long time conservatives have warned that the heavy propaganda and regulatory hands of the Obama administration were not going to change the exercise or eating habits of 315 million Americans.

Those conservatives and libertarians had this crazy notion that what you eat, how much of it you consume how often and what, if anything, you do about it is as much a matter of personal choice as, say, keeping your existing health insurance or choosing to have an abortion. It's something best left to individuals and not the Democrat's bloated federal government or wife.

Of course, that personal liberty argument did not dissuade the community organizer in this White House, whose multi-million-dollar healthier living campaign is the pet cause of Michelle Obama, especially her plans to require reformation of restaurant and school menus.

Now comes early statistical proof that after reelecting Obama with fewer votes the second time and 1,567 days of his reign of government intervention and stimulation, many Americans are deciding that maybe the Obamas' plans for their lives do not fit their plans for their own lives.Scissors-32x32.png

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