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President Obama learns the value of the military toolbox


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president-obama-learns-the-value-of-the-military-toolboxAmerican Enterprise Institute:


Mackenzie Eaglen



Last month, the Obama administration began noticeably increasing military shows of force on or near the Korean peninsula, as the North’s young leader increasingly took steps of his own to increase tensions. Some of the earliest high-profile decisions by the president included bolstering missile defense capabilities in order to protect the American homeland, deployment of B-52 and B-2 bombers in military exercises, and the mobilization of stealthy fifth-generation F-22 fighter jets.


The moves are designed to highlight American military technological supremacy and power, warn the North and show support for our treaty ally.


But the biggest irony of all is that the Obama administration has targeted many of these weapons and capabilities for budget cuts and cancellations previously.



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