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Susan Patton Told the Truth


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SB10001424127887324020504578394791283850654.html?mod=WSJ_Opinion_MIDDLETopOpinionBest Of The Web:

Meet the feminist pioneer today's feminists hate.




Oops, we forgot all about Women's History Month. To make amends to the fairer sex, today we introduce our readers to a feminist pioneer.


This is Susan Patton. In 1973 she was admitted to Princeton University as part of only the fifth coeducational class in the school's history. It took some bravery for the young Miss Patton to go to Princeton, for she was not a legacy and was anything but a daughter of privilege......(Snip)


After graduation, she eventually married and bore two sons, both of whom also went to Princeton. On Friday this feminist pioneer found herself transformed into a feminist hate object after the Daily Princetonian student newspaper published her letter to the editor. The paper's website has been overwhelmed by traffic, so with Patton's permission we're reprinting the letter in full:


Advice for the young women of Princeton: the daughters I never had





A kerfuffle swept across the land, and it was a marvel of nature--at once purposeful and chaotic, a frenzied unity. As if one, every feminist of childbearing age in America (we exaggerate, but only slightly) simultaneously arched her back and let out a deafening hiss. Rush Limbaugh, step aside. Susan Patton is the feminists' new Emmanuel Goldstein.





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