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How Beating Up Social Cons Will Grow the GOP


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Mollie Hemingway



According to the media and popular culture, the only thing that matters in the whole world these days is redefining marriage as quickly as possible.


As should be expected, GOP elites are falling into line. We had U.S. Senator Rob Portman explain that his principles in defense of traditional marriage were overturned by having a child who disagreed.


Yesterday, George Will said opposition to same-sex marriage is "quite literally" dying off.


And our beloved libertarian Charles Murray spoke at CPAC and endorsed redefining marriage, flirted with legalized abortion, and favorably quoted Karl Hess's line about abortion being homicide, sure, but justifiable homicide. He said that none of his children would even think of voting for a Republican:


Unless the G.O.P. drops what he called its “litmus tests” for candidates on these divisive social issues, Murray warned that conservatives were likely to alienate a large swath of the voting public, including his children, who might otherwise be attracted to the Party. He admitted, though, that, “I’m not known as an astute electoral analyst.”



Obviously the GOP doesn't have a litmus test on either abortion or same-sex marriage, so the question is really about whether to pressure Republicans in general to be more supportive of killing unborn children and redefining marriage.





Are we sure that 1) the GOP can be sufficiently liberal enough to compete with honest-to-goodness liberals and 2) it will bring in more people than it will lose?

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Remember DOMA and all this silly talk about same sex marriage / civil unions from the Democrats (some Republicans) like it some sort of civil rights issue. It was the case I would say during Clinton term, both he and is wife along with the Democrat party were strongly opposed to same sex marriage or unions. Now the party of the “People” are for it, they have found another cause / voter block, next up will be immigration.


“Free at last, free at last Thank God almighty We are free at last”

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