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Iraq: How the Republic of Fear was Brought Down


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article55296058Asharq Al-Awsat:

This week marks the tenth anniversary of American invasion of Iraq

Amir Taheri




An April 10, 2003 photo shows US Marines walking past a dismounted statue of Saddam Hussein on Baghdad’s Fardous Square. (AFP PHOTO)


London, Asharq Al-Awsat—Ten years, already. Yes, the people of Iraq have completed their first decade without a despot who had invaded every aspect of their life with a mixture of brutality and cynicism. And, yet, many Iraqis have not yet succeeded in filing away Saddam Hussein’s 35-year long reign of terror, first as “strongman” and then as president, as an historic nightmare. In the history of nations, there are wounds that require generations to heal.


The tenth anniversary of the war has triggered a torrent of comment and debate across the globe.


Since 2002, Iraq has been the most divisive issue of foreign policy in the West pitting right and left against one another.


The right presents the removal of Saddam as a “victory” for the West and a reaffirmation of its “superior values” of democracy and human rights.


To the left, the US-led invasion was an example of imperialist aggression and a violation of Iraq’s “national sovereignty.”


Is a third view possible?





Maher Praises Iraq: "I've Got To Admit, It's A Country That's Standing"


BILL MAHER: Let me just say this, I mean, we have ten years now of somewhat perspective. But that's not a lot of perspective, for any country. If you looked at America in 1786, didn’t look that great. Right? And I also must say, I’ve got to admit, it’s a country that’s standing. I thought it wouldn’t be. It’s actually doing better than I thought it would be. Is it a great country? No. Does it have a lot of problems? Yes. But there actually is a country standing there called Iraq. And it's never going to be worth what the cost was, but is there some value in having created a country, Iraq?




Let me just say I really really REALLY don't like and can't stand Rachael Maddow! angry.png

And given the opportunity I'm not sure I could refrain from smacking her upside the head....several times.

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