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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Dixie!


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53810Canada Free Press:


Who was Patrick R. Cleburne?



Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Dixie!



Calvin E. Johnson Jr. (Bio and Archives) Saturday, March 16, 2013




The 150th Anniversary—War Between the States Sesquicentennial continues with events including the soon-to-reopen Jefferson Davis Presidential Library at Beauvoir on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Jefferson Davis President of the Confederacy was of Welsh and his Mother Jane Cook of Scot-Irish descent.


A lot has been written about the 150,000 Irishmen who fought for the Union during the War Between the States, but do you know about the 30,000 equally brave Irishmen who fought for the Confederacy? It is written that by population a comparable number of Irishmen fought for the Confederacy as did those who supported the Union.


The 8th Alabama Irish Brigade made their mark in history fighting for the Confederacy Scissors-32x32.png

April is Confederate History and Heritage Month.


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March 17, 2012

Don't Call It St. Patty's Day


By Joseph Lawler

One glaring problem with the age of Facebook and Twitter is that anyone can publish anything off the top of his head, without putting any thought into it whatsoever. A related concern is that we're learning that our country's confusion over the difference between "its" and "it's" runs deeper than we really could have imagined.

Each year, the days leading up to March 17th remind us of another alarming reality that wasn't obvious before social media: apparently at least half of Americans think that the holiday is called "St. Patty's Day."


Now, imagine that you were were kidnapped as a teenage boy and sold into slavery in a foreign, wild land. Then imagine that you escaped back to your homeland, and daringly returned to your captors to convert them -- all of them -- to your faith, driving out a country-wide infestation of snakes along the way, establishing yourself as the patron of that nation forever. And imagine you did all this only to be called a girl's name by millions of Scissors-32x32.png


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