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Gun Control Mirroring Health Care Reform


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53787Canada Free Press:

It is time to commit one way or the other: capitulation to a dysfunctional, deviant, totalitarian America, or a life-or-death fight for our liberty


Gun Control Mirroring Health Care Reform


Erik Rush (Bio and Archives) Friday, March 15, 2013 RUSH031513.jpg


Last week, I was taken to task by liberal stalwart Alan Colmes on his radio show over a statement I’d made in a recent column that the government (and the Obama administration in particular) want Americans’ firearms because they know that they already merit being removed by force of arms.


Naturally, Colmes jumped to the conclusion that I was advocating for an armed assault on Washington. I pointed out that there is a vast difference between asserting that the government merits being removed by force of arms by virtue of their unlawful actions, and attempting to foment an armed insurgency.


The Obama administration’s war against the Second Amendment rages on, most notably in Colorado (the state in which I happen to live). As I write this, the Senate’s resident putrid harridan Dianne Feinstein and Senate Democrats are trying to pass a package of national firearms control laws similar to the draconian measures recently passed in Colorado. Scissors-32x32.png

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