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More Than A Budget


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enjoy-paul-ryans-excellent-new-budget-while-you-canHuman Events:

More Than A Budget

By: David Harsanyi


3/12/2013 10:46 AM


Enjoy Paul Ryan’s excellent new budget while you can, because nearly everything in it is pretty much anathema to progressive Democrats. And yes, no doubt, many of us wish it did more, but even slowing spending growth from $46 trillion to $41 trillion and attempting to balance the budget in ten years is a start.


More important, though, Republicans need more tangible ideas. Left-wing like to contend that the presidential election put to bed any argument over spending and budgets for all time. A referendum for the ages! I doubt it. And if we believe polls, Americans like the idea of flattening and lowering tax rates. They like the idea of balancing a budget. They like the idea of work requirements for welfare programs. If they hear about it, they’ll like a lot about Ryan’s budget. Scissors-32x32.png

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