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March 11, 1942: MacArthur Leaves Corregidor


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March 11, 1942: MacArthur Leaves Corregidor


By: Callie OettingerDate:March11 , 2011


March 11, 1942, General Douglas MacArthur left Corregidor under orders from President Franklin Roosevelt. Upon arriving in Australia, he was made Supreme Allied leader (see letter from President Roosevelt to Winston Churchill below).


He left behind thousands of American and Filipino troops, which went on to face the 60-plus miles of the Bataan Death March.


March 17, 1942


President Roosevelt’s Statement on MacArthur’s Departure:


“I know that every man and woman in the United States admires with me General MacArthur’s determination to fight to the finish with his men in the Philippines. But I also know that every man and woman is in agreement that all important decisions must be made with a view toward the successful termination of the war. Knowing this, I am sure that every American, if faced individually with the question as to where General MacArthur could best serve his country, could come to only one answer.” (via The American Presidency Project)


Excerpt from President Roosevelt’s Press conference:


“Well, to come down to more serious things than that, you have read the good news about General MacArthur.

“Of course, immediately—we all know that, Scissors-32x32.pnghttp://www.commandposts.com/2011/03/macarthur-leaves-corregidor/

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