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Great Idea for Deficits - Shrink them into the National Debt


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Great Idea for Deficits - Shrink them into the National Debt



Jerry McConnell (Bio and Archives) Monday, March 11, 2013



For quite some time after the ascendency of the modern day messiah (with a small ‘m’) back in the 2007 - 08 era, I believed, along with many others, we had a brilliant scholarly minded young half-black man who was making inroads to our presidency. I welcomed his arrival to what I thought would be a crowning achievement for our country should this man become our president.



I really don’t remember what signal event occurred that started to alert me to watch his actions and words more carefully. I am positive that unlike Chris Matthews of MSNBC, it was not a “tingle up my leg.” No, it was more like a “kick upside the head” that turned my attention to his unusual and devious body language that did not match his cavalier words of deceit which proved to be eloquent prevarications. IOW he was proving to be a damned liar, a fault he constantly practices to this day.



He must be sorry he ever heard of the word ‘sequestration’ a word that has twisted and turned not Scissors-32x32.png


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