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North Korea Forces Await 'Final Strike Order' from Kim Jong-unternatin


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north-korea-pyongyang-military-drill-seoul-washington.htmInternational Business Times:



North Korea's armed forces are reported to be awaiting a "final order" from the country's supreme leader Kim Jong-un before launching a campaign against South Korea.


Ahead of a ten-day joint computer-simulated drill to be conducted by the US and South Korea on 11 March, the North's most widely circulated mouthpiece Rodong Sinmun said: "Our front-line military groups, the army, the navy and the air force, the anti-aircraft units and the strategic rocket units, who have entered the final all-out war stage, are awaiting the final order to strike."


The mouthpiece said the North's nuclear weapons are also in full readiness.


South Korea and the US have been conducting a joint field training exercise codenamed Foal Eagle since 1 March, and this is likely to go on until the end of April.



I can only think of the last bit of that Clint Eastwood line, 'Well, do you punk?'

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