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Dave Carter



In the age old tradition of dinner before dalliance, John McCain and Lindsay Graham were treated to a quiet date night with Barack Obama last Wednesday, which is more foreplay than the rest of us get from the President as he proceeds to consummate his intentions on America in more ways than even Dr. Ruth can count. "I'm assuming the president wants to talk seriously about the issues of the day," cooed Senator Graham, innocently batting his rhetorical eyelashes with the preposterous addendum that, "I'm encouraged by the president's outreach [and] I hope it bears fruit." Yes yes, and if only King Leonidas had announced his encouragement at the outreach of Xerxes toward Sparta, all that unpleasantness at Thermopylae might have been avoided too.


It bears reminding the contrast between the deference Senators McCain and Graham afford a President who is arguably the most hostile toward individual rights in recent history, and the scorn they heap on the heads of those who dare to question the persistent amassing of executive power. Graham's hopeful encouragement for fruit-bearing outreach from the President quickly gave way to scorn and the ridicule of Republicans who mounted an effective opposition to the President:


To my Republican colleagues, I don't remember any of you coming down here suggesting that President Bush was going to kill anybody with a drone, do you? They had a drone program back then, all of a sudden this drone program has gotten every Republican so spun up. What are we up to here?


Answer: President Bush wasn't on record as hostile toward the Constitution and lamenting that it didn't go far enough in enabling redistributive remedies. President Bush didn't unilaterally declare the Senate in recess in order to make unconstitutional recess appointments, and then proceed to ignore a Court of Appeals ruling that found his actions unconstitutional. President Bush didn't negate federal immigration law via executive fiat, nor announce his intention of going around the people's representatives when they declined to enact pet provisions of his political agenda. What we have, Senator, in case you haven't noticed, is an executive who is at war with the Constitution and the individual. What we are up to here, is the drawing of lines beyond which the President is not allowed to go. I know, I know, Jeb Bush said he doesn't want to draw lines in the sand, but a few of us recognize and celebrate the indispensable courage of those who drew such lines in 1776, and recognize that without similar fortitude today, what is left of our freedom will be compromised out of existence by those whose idea of success is to merely hop when the opposition says to jump.






John McCain's military service is appropriately lauded. His honor under the duress of captivity was exemplary and heroic, and will serve as a text book example of valor and service. But from the McCain Feingold Act's encroachments on the 1st Amendment, to his steadfast refusal to take the fight to a collectivist community organizer from Chicago which gave us the continuing disaster that is the Obama Presidency, to his consistent habit of chopping the legs off of those on his side of the aisle, one is left with the inevitable conclusion that the time has come to hand the banner of freedom over to those who are actually willing and able to advance it. It's time for the Senator to go home. Hopefully, he will be kind enough to take his sorority sister from South Carolina with him.




(And All Gods People Said......AMEN!)

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But well deserved...for many reasons.

John McCain, great American, lousy senator, terrible Republican”

Hugh Hewitt

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