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California’s New GOP Chair Donates $1300 to Democratic LA Mayoral Candidate


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californias-new-gop-chair-donates-1300-to-democratic-la-mayoral-candidateLegal Insurrection: Leslie Eastman

March 9, 2013


As a Democrat, I am often grateful to the support shown to me by Republican friends.


However, California’s new Republican Party chairman may have taken support for a Democrat one step too far for the comfort of his party’s membership and the GOP contender in a local race.




Brulte also insists he will “not wade into incendiary matters like immigration, climate change or same-sex marriage“. With leadership like Brulte’s, I project that there will be a dramatic change in the number of registered Republicans in the state, which now hovers around 29 percent. And it won’t be an upward trajectory.






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