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Just how stupid can they be?


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Here we go

I recommend LARGE quantities whiskey


School Confiscates Cupcakes Decorated with Toy Soldiers

Todd Starnes


A Michigan elementary school is defending its decision to confiscate a third-graders batch of homemade cupcakes because the birthday treats were decorated with plastic green Army soldiers.


Casey Fountain told Fox News that the principal of his son’s elementary school called the cupcakes “insensitive” — in light of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.


“It disgusted me,” he said. “It’s vile they lump true American heroes with psychopathic killers.”


Fountain’s wife made a batch of 30 chocolate cupcakes for their son Hunter’s classmates at Schall Elementary School in the town of Caro. The 9-year-old helped decorate the treats with plastic figurines representing World War Two soldiers.





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Meanwhile apparently someone dropped off a clue at the Pasco School District in Pasco Wa.


Pasco School District overturns 6-year-old's suspension for discussing toy gun

Ty Beaver, Tri-City Herald



The Pasco School District has overturned the suspension of a 6-year-old boy who talked about his toy guns at school.


Mike Aguirre's son Noah, a first-grader at James McGee Elementary School, was sent home Feb. 28 after another student told their teacher that Noah had a gun with him.


Noah had no gun, toy or otherwise, but Aguirre said his son still was punished for talking with other students about the Nerf guns the family recently bought during a trip to Lincoln City, Ore.




An Assault Nerf Gun!!!

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Anti-Gun Hysteria in Schools Has Gone Too Far!

Leah Barkoukis



In the wake of Sandy Hook, progressives have unsurprisingly placed the blamed on inanimate objects rather than on the mentally disturbed individuals who use them. As such, gun-control proposals and legislation have swept state legislatures throughout the nation, Congress and the White House. But as the gun control debate rages on, common sense seems to have been hijacked by hyper-paranoia and zero-tolerance policies in schools across the nation.


And since there seems to be a gun-hysteria story du jour, here is a compilation of 10 recent incidents that best demonstrate how far off the political correctness deep end people in this country have gone:




While it’s perfectly understandable that schools take potential threats more seriously in the wake of Sandy Hook, it’s as though people have lost any and all ability to exercise sound judgment in situations involving “weapons” in schools—real, fake or imaginary—and the appropriate level of punishment.




Next thing you know, this will actually happen (H/T: Dalton Vogler).

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