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The Sunday Times of London marks Holocaust Memorial Day....


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the-sunday-times-of-london-marks.htmlIsrael Matzav :




Sunday, January 27, today, is the United Nations' annual Holocaust Memorial Day, which is observed throughout the world, and especially in Europe.


The cartoon at the top left of this post was deemed appropriate for the day and was published by the Sunday Times of London (which once upon a time was one of London's less anti-Semitic papers, alongside the Telegraph) in honor of the occasion. That's Prime Minister Netanyahu sitting on top of the wall. At the bottom of the wall, it says 'Israeli elections.' And all the way at the bottom it asks 'Will cementing peace continue?" This is Raheem Kassam at the Commentator.


Last week, it was Member of Parliament David Ward MP, the case of whom highlights an ever growing contingent of anti-Israel sentiment within the British government. These are the fools who would have you believe that Israel’s security barrier is 100 percent concrete, 100 feet tall, and built from the blood of Palestinians.



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