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Fault Lines : Newt Gingrich


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AlJazeeraEnglish?feature=watchAl Jazeera English:

Jan 23, 2013


At 65 years old and more than a decade out of office, Newt Gingrich remains one of the most powerful figures in Washington. As speaker of the House, he led the Republican party from the backbenches of US politics to national prominence in the mid-1990s. He ruthlessly attacked the Democrats on every major issue, drilling holes into the Clinton agenda while building support for his conservative brand. Today, with the Republican party struggling to regroup after a devastating defeat in the November elections, Gingrich is once again back in the spotlight. Avi Lewis goes one-on-one with the influential Republican and asks him if, having pulled off a political revolution once before, he is gearing up to do it again?




Game...Set...Match Newt.

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