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Where Four Years Will Not Be Wasted


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where-four-years-will-not-be-wAmerican Spectator:

TAMPA — Other than professional training and disciplines like math and the hard sciences — where there are real answers that can be demonstrated — it’s a legitimate question in America and most of the West whether college is worth the time, cost, aggravation, and misdirection that come with it.

Several decades into an era when left indoctrination has replaced education at most universities, students studying anything other than math, physics, or the pre-med cycle emerge from four years at Old Sywash not only not having learned much to help them become intelligent, functioning adults, but having been convinced of a lot of rot that isn’t true. Surely this has been documented sufficiently that I needn’t cite chapter and verse.

True enough a bachelor’s degree is helpful in getting a job. Far too many jobs in America require applicants to have a degree, even though the work in said job has nothing to do with any knowledge or skills the applicant picked up idling in college for four years. A degree can function as a paper qualification, even when the degree holder has learned next to nothing in “earning” that degree from a dumbed-down, politicized contemporary university.Scissors-32x32.png

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