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The 'Diversity' Movement: Defeating Itself, Destroying Society


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the_diversity_movement_defeating_itself_destroying_society.htmlAmerican Thinker:

As America vaults itself into a period of accelerated change in areas of culture, politics, religion (or lack thereof), marriage, health care, and a whole host of other arenas, the term we hear more and more from government, higher education, and business is the word "diversity." The purveyors of the diversity movement ask us to embrace the concept as a worthy goal and an important part of America's future. Should we join them?

We appear to be on the cusp of a different America. The recent election proclaimed loudly and clearly that the non-white portion of the nation is growing and will continue to grow. Moreover, several states via referendum embraced gay marriage, driven by an emerging acceptance among younger people. On subject after subject, liberal pundits tell us that change is here and that only backward-looking Republicans and fundamentalist Christians could possibly oppose it.

But in an environment of accelerating change, we should remember that there is a downside to everything. Getting married means commitment. Landing a job means giving up other possibilities. Playing one sport means not playing others. Keeping life insurance means paying the premiums. So what is the downside to the "diversity" agenda"? Since all change involves giving up one thing in order to embrace something else, what are we giving up?Scissors-32x32.png

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