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The Liberal war on Responsibility


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the_liberal_war_on_responsibility.htmlAmerican Thinker:

The first thought that occurs to conservatives when viewing the current liberal attack on Second Amendment rights is that liberals are trying to disarm everyone so the government can become more of a dictatorship and less of a democracy. That's why we see so many comparisons to the many dictators who have disarmed their populations before instituting anti-democratic rule.

But it is quite likely that liberal distaste for guns stems from a deeper, unacknowledged aspect of the liberal psych -- the wish to eschew responsibility for their actions leads them to make things, not people, guilty for everything: "the gun made him do it." A key aspect of modern American liberalism is the rejection of the traditional Judeo-Christian moral code. Liberals believe in casual sex, government rather than personal charity, and the right of individuals to live off of society rather than carry their own weight -- to the extent possible given their abilities -- among other things which violate the laws laid down by God. But it should not be surprising if violating the laws defined by an all knowing, all loving God result in adverse consequences.

A common liberal misperception about the nature of God's laws is that they exist merely to establish that God is the top dog; that people have to dance to His tune.Scissors-32x32.png

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