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The Gray Lady Confirms Blue Civil War


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the-gray-lady-confirms-blue-civil-warVia Meadia:



You know the blue model is in serious trouble when even New York Times writers turn against it. Yesterday dyed-in-the-wool Democrat Thomas Edsall responded to Via Meadia‘s take on blue model collapse. In his response he struggles mightily with the bluer angels of his nature, calling our take “apocalyptic,” but in the end admits that 20th-century liberalism is in serious trouble:




The result is that the different power blocks that make up the Democratic base are trampling each other in a rush to grab the last rents of the dying blue system:




Twentieth-century liberalism is a victim of its own success: it gave us longer and more prosperous lives, in turn putting tremendous pressure on social services and pensions. The result is the fragmenting coalition Edsall points to. Though he places part of the blame for the blue civil war on Republican-backed austerity measures, Edsall admits that demographic shifts and outmoded ways of delivering social services also played a role.





Trends That Cannot Continue...Won't



The question facing all Americans[/b] is, what replaces it.

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