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Confirmed: Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul to address CPAC 2013


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confirmed-marco-rubio-paul-ryan-rand-paul-to-address-cpac-2013Hot Air:

Guy Benson



Say, what do these three gentlemen have in common? CPAC typically publishes a long list of “invited speakers,” then confirms participants on a rolling basis. So far, these are the only three announcements they’ve blasted out to the media, perhaps indicating that these particular individuals were — shall we say — proactive about RSVP-ing. Glaringly absent from the ‘invited’ roster is another rumored 2016 hopeful who has maintained an arm’s length relationship with the conference throughout his relatively brief political career. One wonders if he’ll be more willing to play ball with conservatives after this coming November. Meanwhile, two intriguing, out-of-the-box invitees to CPAC 2013 are generating some buzz: Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada’s conservative party, and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu........




CPAC 2013 is being held later in the calendar year than usual, running from March 14-16 at the ‘National Harbor’ convention center (rather than one of the two large hotels in Woodley Park, DC — another major change).




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