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S.C. Rep Takes Heat for Wanting Sandy Relief to Be Paid for


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s-c-rep-takes-heat-for-wanting-sandy-relief-to-be-paid-forPJ Media: Bridget Johnson



Democrats are up in arms today over a South Carolina conservative’s demand that the $51 billion Hurricane Sandy relief package in the House be paid for with cuts elsewhere.


Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) said after House Democrats’ caucus meeting that the package “is not all perfect” because “it doesn’t meet the $82 billion that was originally asked for by the states.”


“We must oppose the Mulvaney amendment, which is an across-the-board cut to offset the costs of disaster relief,” Lowey said. “I want to repeat this point again: In the United States of America, we respond to disasters. All Americans respond to disasters. We don’t ask for offsets.”





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